Как удалить наше программное обеспечение

For the convenience of our PLAYERS, Royale500.com has made the process of uninstalling our CASINO software quick and easy. To uninstall our software from your PC, please follow the steps below: Please note: the uninstall process may vary slightly, depending on your computer’s Operating System.

  1. Click on “Start”, on the lower left corner of your Windows Taskbar;
  2. Go to “All Programs”;
  3. A menu will open; go to “Royale500″;
  4. A menu will open; click on “Uninstall”;
  5. You will see the Uninstall pop-up window. Click on the “Yes” option box;

The Royale500 software will automatically uninstall from your PC (this process may take a few moments). For assistance or any of your other needs, please click here to contact us.


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